Chance The Rapper Height, Weight, Physical Measurements and Bio

Chance The Rapper Height : Chance The Rapper, born Chancelor Johnathan Bennett on April 16, 1993, in Chicago, Illinois, has risen to prominence as a leading figure in the music industry. Known for his innovative mixtapes, including “Acid Rap” and “Coloring Book,” Chance has not only revolutionized the music scene but also made significant contributions to social causes. Standing at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm), Chance’s physical stature complements his larger-than-life persona in the world of music and philanthropy.

Chance The Rapper Height

chance the rapper height

Chance The Rapper’s height of 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm) or 1780 mm adds to his commanding presence, both on and off the stage. This height, while average for an American male, has never hindered his ability to stand out in a crowd, thanks to his dynamic performances and charismatic personality.

Height Table:


From a young age, Chance showed signs of growing into the height that would later become one of his many identifiable traits. This table showcases the growth spurt he experienced during his formative years, culminating in his current height at age 20.

Chance The Rapper Weight

Weighing in at 77 kg (169 lbs), Chance The Rapper maintains a healthy and fit physique through a balanced diet and regular exercise. His weight complements his height, contributing to his agile performances on stage.

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Weight Table:

YearWeight (kg)Weight (lbs)

Chance The Rapper Physical Appearance

Chance’s physical appearance is marked by his signature smile, expressive eyes, and a fashion sense that blends street style with high fashion. His physical measurements, including chest, waist, and hip sizes, are proportionate to his height and weight, showcasing a well-maintained physique.

Physical Appearance Table:

Chest40 inches
Waist32 inches
Biceps14 inches
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown

Chance The Rapper Age

At 30 years old, Chance The Rapper has achieved more than many do in a lifetime. His age reflects a maturity in his music and personal life, making him a respected figure in the industry and community.

Chance The Rapper Career and Education

Chance’s career began in high school, leading to his first mixtape release in 2012. His education, though interrupted by his music career, includes a background in the arts that has significantly influenced his work.

Chance The Rapper Relationship Update

Chance married Kirsten Corley in 2019, and the couple has two children. Their relationship, marked by mutual support and love, plays a crucial role in Chance’s personal and professional life.

Chance The Rapper Family

Chance’s family, including his wife and children, are central to his life. His parents’ support was instrumental in his early career, and his brother Taylor is also a musician.

Chance The Rapper Fitness and Health

Chance prioritizes his health and fitness through a balanced diet and regular exercise, ensuring he remains in top condition for his demanding career.

Chance The Rapper Favourite Sports

Though not widely known for his sporting interests, Chance enjoys basketball, a sport that combines physical skill with strategic thinking.

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Chance The Rapper Favourite Dish

Chance’s favorite dish is his grandmother’s homemade macaroni and cheese, a comfort food that brings back fond memories of his childhood.

Chance The Rapper Favourite Actor

Chance looks up to Denzel Washington, not only for his acting skills but also for his integrity and impact off-screen.

Virals of Chance The Rapper

Quick Facts about Chance The Rapper

  • Wife: Married to Kirsten Corley since 2019.
  • Songs: Known for hits like “No Problem,” “Cocoa Butter Kisses,” and “Sunday Candy.”
  • 3: Symbolizes his third mixtape “Coloring Book,” which marked a significant point in his career.
  • Net Worth: Estimated at $25 million in 2023.
  • Hot in Here: A testament to his dynamic performances and stage presence.
  • Height: Stands at 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm).
  • Acid Rap: His second mixtape that gained critical acclaim.
  • Brother: Taylor Bennett, also a talented musician.
  • How Tall is He: Again, he is 5 feet 10 inches tall.

More Info about Chance The Rapper

chance the rapper height

At 30 years old, Chance The Rapper has not only made a name for himself in the music industry but has also become a significant cultural figure. His unique approach to music, characterized by a blend of hip-hop, gospel, and soul, has earned him widespread acclaim and a loyal fan base. Notably, his mixtape “Coloring Book” was a groundbreaking project that won him three Grammy Awards, including Best Rap Album.

Chance’s influence extends beyond music; he is known for his charitable work, especially in his hometown of Chicago. His donation of $1 million to Chicago Public Schools is a testament to his commitment to giving back to the community. Moreover, Chance’s distinctive style is often seen through his choice of hats, particularly the iconic ‘3’ hat, which symbolizes his third mixtape and his personal growth as an artist.

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Chance The Rapper’s wife, Kirsten Corley, and their children play a central role in his life, grounding him amidst his bustling career. The couple’s relationship and family life often feature in his music, adding a layer of personal authenticity to his lyrics.

As for his physical measurements, Chance’s height and weight are often topics of curiosity among fans. Standing at 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm) and weighing 77 kg (169 lbs), his physical stature complements his energetic performances. Despite the fame, Chance remains deeply connected to his roots, often sporting a ‘3’ hat, not just as a fashion statement but as a symbol of his artistic journey and the challenges he has overcome.

Chance’s career trajectory, from his early days releasing mixtapes to becoming a Grammy-winning artist, reflects his evolution as a musician and a person. His education, though not formalized in a traditional sense, comes from real-world experiences and a deep commitment to his craft. This, combined with his active engagement in social issues, makes Chance The Rapper a multifaceted personality whose impact resonates well beyond the music industry.

In conclusion, Chance The Rapper’s journey is a compelling narrative of talent, perseverance, and philanthropy. His height, while a simple physical measurement, is just one part of a larger story that includes his music, family, and contributions to society. As he continues to evolve as an artist and a person, Chance The Rapper remains a significant figure in contemporary music and culture.

FAQs on Chance The Rapper

  • What is Chance The Rapper’s real name?
    • Chancelor Johnathan Bennett.
  • What is Height of Chance The Rapper?
    • He stands at 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm).
  • What is Chance The Rapper’s net worth?
    • Estimated at $25 million.
  • Who is Chance The Rapper married to?
    • Kirsten Corley.
  • How many children does Chance The Rapper have?
    • He has two children.
  • What awards has Chance The Rapper won?
    • He has won three Grammy Awards, among others.
  • What is Chance The Rapper’s height in centimeters?
    • 178 cm.
  • When was Chance The Rapper born?
    • April 16, 1993.
  • What is Chance The Rapper’s weight?
    • 77 kg (169 lbs).
  • What is Chance The Rapper’s favorite sport?
    • Basketball.
  • What is Chance the rapper height at age 10
  • Chance the rapper height was 4 feety 9 inch at age 10.

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