Yung Filly Height, Weight, Physical Appearence and Bio

yung filly height

Yung Filly Height : Yung Filly, a renowned British YouTuber, musician, and television presenter, has captivated audiences with his humor and charm. Born on August 6, 1995, in Cali, Colombia, and raised in Ladywell, south London, Yung Filly, whose real name is Andres Felipé Barrientos, stands out in the entertainment industry. His height, a notable …

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LovelyLo Real Name, Age, Height, Bio and Net Worth

lovelylo real name

LovelyLo Real Name : LovelyLo, a renowned figure in the digital realm, has captured the hearts of millions with her gaming prowess and charismatic online presence. Known primarily for her engaging content on platforms like Twitch and YouTube, LovelyLo has become a beacon for gaming enthusiasts worldwide. Her real name is Lauren, and she hails …

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