Sha Ek Real Name, Age, Height, Bio and Net Worth

Sha Ek Real Name : Sha Ek, a dynamic force in the Bronx Drill music scene, has captivated audiences with his raw energy and authentic storytelling. Born Chalim Perry, he has emerged as a significant figure in hip-hop, known for his viral hits and deep connection to his roots. His journey from the streets of the Bronx to the forefront of the music industry showcases his resilience and talent.

Sha Ek Real Name and Bio

sha ek real name

Sha Ek, born Chalim Perry, is not just a rapper but a symbol of perseverance and talent emerging from the Bronx. His music, characterized by its authenticity and vibrancy, reflects his life experiences and aspirations.

Attribute Table:

Real NameChalim Perry
Stage NameSha Ek
Date of BirthApril 8, 2003
Age20 Years Old
Place of BirthMelrose area of South Bronx, New York
Height5ft 10in (177cm)
Weight65kg (143 lbs)
Net Worth$1 million
ProfessionSinger, Rapper
Zodiac SignAries

From his early life in the Melrose neighborhood to his rise in the music industry, Sha Ek’s journey is a testament to his hard work and dedication. His real name, Chalim Perry, signifies his personal connection to his music, infusing his heritage and experiences into his art.

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Sha Ek Net Worth and Earning

Sha Ek’s net worth, estimated at $1 million, reflects his success in the music industry. His earnings stem from his music sales, performances, and collaborations. As a prominent figure in the Bronx Drill scene, Sha Ek has capitalized on his viral fame, translating his online presence into financial success. His journey from uploading his first rap video in 2020 to becoming a millionaire showcases the potential of talent and determination.

Sha Ek Height, Age, Weight

At 20 years old, Sha Ek stands tall at 5 feet 10 inches, with a weight of 65 kg. His physical stature complements his commanding presence in the music scene, where he stands out not just for his height but for the depth of his music and the impact of his words.

Sha Ek Career and Education

Sha Ek’s career began with his passion for music, leading him to release his first viral track, “D&D,” which catapulted him into the spotlight. Despite the challenges of growing up in the Bronx, including being shot at 15, Sha Ek focused on his education, completing high school and even obtaining a bachelor’s degree. His educational journey, coupled with his musical talent, has shaped him into a well-rounded artist with a deep understanding of his craft.

Sha Ek Family

Sha Ek, or Chalim Perry, values his family deeply, crediting them with much of his success. Despite the loss of his father to Covid-19, Sha Ek has remained close to his family, including his half-brother PJ Glizzy. His commitment to his family is evident in his dedication to providing for them, including purchasing a home for his mother.

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Sha Ek Early Life

Growing up in the Melrose neighborhood of the South Bronx, Sha Ek’s early life was marked by adversity. The challenges he faced, including being shot at a young age, fueled his determination to succeed. These experiences have deeply influenced his music, adding authenticity and depth to his lyrics.

Sha Ek Favourite Sports

Basketball, a sport known for its fast pace and dynamic play, holds a special place in Sha Ek’s life. The discipline and teamwork required in basketball have influenced Sha Ek’s approach to music, teaching him the value of hard work and collaboration.

Sha Ek Favourite Dish

Sha Ek’s favorite dish, macaroni and cheese, is a comfort food that reminds him of family gatherings and childhood memories. The simplicity of the dish, combined with its rich flavor, mirrors Sha Ek’s approach to music—authentic and deeply rooted in personal experiences.

Sha Ek Favourite Actor

Denzel Washington, known for his powerful performances and versatility, is Sha Ek’s favorite actor. Washington’s dedication to his craft and ability to bring depth to every role inspire Sha Ek to infuse his music with emotion and authenticity.

Sha Ek Real Name History

The history behind Sha Ek’s real name, Chalim Perry, is a narrative of identity and heritage. “Sha Ek Real Name” signifies more than just a moniker; it represents his journey from the streets of the Bronx to the heights of the music industry. Embracing “Sha Ek Real Name” in his career, Chalim Perry has navigated the complexities of fame while staying true to his roots, showcasing the significance of one’s name in shaping their identity and legacy.

Quick Facts about Sha Ek

  • Age: 20 years old as of 2023.
  • Real Name: Chalim Perry.
  • How Old is he: He is 20 years old, having been born on April 8, 2003.
  • New Opps Lyrics: “New Opps” is one of Sha Ek’s hit tracks, known for its catchy beats and sharp lyrics that resonate with his audience.
  • Net Worth: Estimated at $1 million, showcasing his success in the music industry.
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More Info about Sha Ek

sha ek real name

Sha Ek, a prominent figure in the Bronx Drill music scene, has quickly risen to fame with his unique sound and compelling lyrics. Standing at 5 feet 10 inches (177 cm) tall, Sha Ek’s commanding presence is not just physical but also felt through his music and online persona.

  • How Tall is Sha Ek: He stands at 5 feet 10 inches, a stature that complements his dynamic performance style.
  • Sha Ek GIF: Animated GIFs of Sha Ek capture moments from his music videos and performances, popular among fans for social media use.
  • Sha Ek PFP (Profile Picture): His profile pictures, often stylized images from his music videos or photoshoots, reflect his artistic identity and are widely used by fans across platforms.
  • Sha Ek Dead: Rumors of Sha Ek’s death are unfounded and incorrect; he continues to be active in his music career.
  • Where is Sha Ek From: Born and raised in the Bronx, New York City, his music deeply reflects the experiences and culture of this vibrant area.
  • Sha Ek Height: His height is 5 feet 10 inches, adding to his imposing presence both on and off stage.
  • New Opps Sha Ek Lyrics: The lyrics of “New Opps” showcase Sha Ek’s lyrical prowess and ability to convey stories and emotions through his music.
  • What Gang is Sha Ek In: While Sha Ek’s music often reflects the reality of street life, specific affiliations with any gangs are not publicly disclosed and remain a part of his private life.

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