Zyra Gorecki Height, Weight, Physical Measurements and Bio

Zyra Gorecki Height : Zyra Gorecki, an inspiring American actress and model, has gained significant recognition for her role in the television series “La Brea.” Born on July 4, 2002, in Michigan, USA, Zyra has overcome personal challenges to establish herself in the entertainment industry. A striking feature of her physical appearance is her height, which is 6 feet (183 cm).

Zyra Gorecki Height

zyra gorecki height

Zyra Gorecki stands tall at an impressive height of 6 feet (183 cm or 1830 mm), which is quite remarkable in the entertainment industry. This height, in feet and inches, translates to 72 inches. Here’s a table showing Zyra Gorecki’s estimated height progression from age 10 to 20:

AgeHeight (Feet and Inches)Height (cm)
104’6″137.16 cm
114’8″142.24 cm
124’10”147.32 cm
135’0″152.4 cm
145’2″157.48 cm
155’4″162.56 cm
165’6″167.64 cm
175’8″172.72 cm
185’10”177.8 cm
195’11”180.34 cm
206’0″183 cm

Zyra Gorecki Weight

Zyra Gorecki maintains a healthy weight of around 62.2 kg (137 lbs), complementing her tall stature. Below is a table showing the progression of Zyra Gorecki’s weight over the years:

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AgeWeight (kg)Weight (lbs)
1032 kg70.5 lbs
1550 kg110 lbs
2062.2 kg137 lbs

Zyra Gorecki Physical Appearance

Zyra Gorecki’s physical appearance is characterized by her blonde hair and blue eyes, adding to her distinctive look. Her physique measurements, aligned with her height and weight, are as follows:

Chest34 in
Waist24 in
Hip34 in

Virals of Zyra Gorecki

Zyra Gorecki Age

Zyra Gorecki was born on July 4, 2002, making her 21 years old as of 2023. Her journey from a young age to becoming a recognized actress is a story of resilience and determination.

Zyra Gorecki Career and Education

Zyra Gorecki’s career in acting began with her role in “Chicago Fire” in 2016. Despite facing a life-changing accident at age 13, which resulted in the loss of part of her left leg, she has pursued her passion for acting and modeling.

Zyra Gorecki Relationship Update

Zyra Gorecki is currently focused on her career, and there is no public information regarding her dating life.

Zyra Gorecki Family

Zyra Gorecki was born to parents Steve and Barb Gorecki and has a sister named Bailee. She grew up in Michigan and has been supported by her family throughout her career and personal challenges.

Zyra Gorecki Fitness and Health

Despite her physical challenges, Zyra maintains her fitness and health through regular exercise and a balanced lifestyle.

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Zyra Gorecki Favourite Sports

Zyra Gorecki’s favorite sport is not publicly known, but her active lifestyle suggests a love for sports that promote physical fitness and strength.

Zyra Gorecki Favourite Dish

Zyra Gorecki’s favorite dish is not publicly disclosed, but she likely enjoys meals that complement her health-conscious lifestyle.

Zyra Gorecki Favourite Actor

There is no public information about Zyra Gorecki’s favorite actor or actress. However, she likely draws inspiration from figures in the entertainment industry who embody resilience and determination.

Quick Facts about Zyra Gorecki

  • Age: 21 years old as of 2023.
  • Accident: Lost part of her left leg in a logging accident at age 13.
  • Height: Stands at 6 feet (183 cm) tall.
  • Wikipedia: Features detailed information about her life and career.
  • How Tall is she: She is 6 feet tall.

More Info about Zyra Gorecki

zyra gorecki height

Zyra Gorecki’s bio reflects her journey as an actress and model who overcame significant challenges. Despite her accident at a young age, resulting in amputation, she has pursued a successful career in the entertainment industry. Her presence on Instagram showcases her life, both personal and professional, to her followers.

Zyra’s sexy and confident appearance, coupled with her talent, has made her a popular figure. She is often described as hot due to her striking looks and strong personality. A notable aspect of her life is her leg – Zyra is an amputee, having lost part of her left leg in a logging accident. This incident, however, has not hindered her spirit or career.

At 21, how old Zyra Gorecki is now reflects her young yet impactful presence in the industry. Her feet, one being prosthetic, symbolize her resilience and determination. Zyra’s journey as an amputee is inspiring, showing that physical limitations do not define one’s capabilities.

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Her work as a model and actress, including her roles in “La Brea” and other projects, demonstrate her versatility. Zyra Gorecki’s videos and appearances often highlight her unique story and her journey in overcoming the challenges following her logging accident.

How did Zyra Gorecki become an amputee? At 13, she was involved in a logging accident, which led to the amputation of part of her left leg. This life-changing event has been a significant part of her narrative, shaping her both personally and professionally.

FAQ on Zyra Gorecki

  1. What is Zyra Gorecki’s height?
    • Zyra Gorecki is 6 feet (183 cm) tall.
  2. How tall is Zyra Gorecki in centimeters?
    • Zyra Gorecki is 183 cm tall.
  3. Does Zyra Gorecki’s height affect her acting career?
    • Yes, her height of 6 feet enhances her presence on screen.
  4. What is Zyra Gorecki’s weight?
    • She weighs approximately 62.2 kg (137 lbs).
  5. How old is Zyra Gorecki?
    • She is 21 years old as of 2023.
  6. What is Zyra Gorecki known for?
    • She is known for her role in “La Brea.”
  7. Where is Zyra Gorecki from?
    • She is from Michigan, USA.
  8. What are Zyra Gorecki’s body measurements?
    • Her measurements are 34-24-34 inches.
  9. Is Zyra Gorecki in a relationship?
    • No, she is currently focused on her career.
  10. What is Zyra Gorecki’s net worth?
    • Her estimated net worth is around $453k.

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